TIPS ON HOW NOT TO GET OFFLOADED: especially when you are an EX-OFW


Travelling gives you a lot to treasure and to reminisce when you reach the time when you don’t have the capacity to experience it anymore so while we’re young, spend at least every other month to unwind and distress; get away from the stressful city life and busy work schedules by going to a place where all you have to do is to relax and enjoy.

It was never easy to visit another country without convincing the immigration that you will never work there while having to own a visit visa. I’ve went through a lot of questioning and interviews but because my prepared papers are not that complete and they want more evidences for them to be persuaded that I am capable of travelling. After I was offloaded, I really felt horrible and dismayed and I even blamed my mother for not checking for my papers before finally going through the immigration screening. But, being optimistic is something I thought I needed in this moment so instead of being sorrowful for a long time, I decided not to go home because of the huge humiliation that I may face. I asked a favour from a family friend if I can stay with them for the mean time while my mother is fixing for my needed requirements. I’ve finally rebooked my ticket a week after it. On the second time of facing the immigration officers, they were trying to offload me again because of an inconsistent detail regarding my uncle’s passport number on the OEC provided by Dubai government but I became fiercer and looked very ferocious that is why maybe, just maybe is the reason for the officer to finally let me visit Dubai.

I started travelling at the age of 23 wherein I decided to visit a foreign country without thinking what the place would offer me or what would be my life without my parent’s waking up early in the morning just to prepare food for me and doing stuffs that I am not capable of doing like washing my clothes even for a month’s time. But, as I was learning the way of living and enjoying the company of the people there, whoever they may be, wherever they may come from, I had the discretion to try to look for a job and remain in that place. It was really a struggle for someone to finally settle in a foreign land especially when it’s a place where the culture is very peculiar from where you grew up and discovered life. But amidst the confusion, being brave enough to experience more of what life has to offer is the only thing that pushed me to stood up for my adult decisions.

Since I am a registered nurse in the Philippines with many years of experience, it gave me an easy access to be a registered nurse in Dubai to practice my profession effectively expecting a reasonable compensation. In order for me to eventually practice as a nurse, I needed to go to Kish in Iran to serve as an exit and then finally return to Dubai when my working visa is finally ready. Within more than 2 years of staying there, I had this hunger of discovering other places in the United Arab Emirates so I, time by time, went to the 6 more emirates in UAE. Also, I accompanied my patient in travelling to Kuwait. After 2 years of working in Dubai as a nurse, I decided to go back to my home country and do more travelling.

But, as an ex-OFW, it’ll be hard to visit an Asian Country because the immigration officers will think that you will just use those places as a transit country and resume working in the place where you have previously worked. So I will share some tips for you to be able to travel with ease when you are an ex-OFW.

  1. You should not travel alone. Travelling alone would be more exciting and fun than travelling with family or friends. You’ll get to discover your inner self more. But due to the fact that you are an ex-OFW, they will have a suspicion about the said reason above. It’ll be better if someone close to you will accompany you in your will to travel.
  2. You should make your baggage just enough for the days that you will be staying in a foreign place. Even in the check-in counter, they are assessing if you will just travel or does have a plan to work in a foreign land without undergoing the step by step process of doing so. Too much baggage in a small span of time to spend in the foreign land will give them a wrong idea which maybe will be remarked and passed on the immigration officers.
  3. You should prepare the necessary documents required by the immigration personnel when travelling (electronic ticket, accommodation, capacity to sustain expenses, and even itinerary for the said travel). You need to present your return date and the reason why you are travelling. The itinerary prepared should be known by heart including the accommodation or hotel where you are planning to stay.
  4. For immigration officers who seem arrogant, just stay patient and politely converse with them. Shouting or raising your voice while talking to them and most especially arguing with them will also be included in their record and may serve as a ground for them not to allow you to travel. In life, patience and confidence will always be the key to success. One more thing is that, lying gives no help for u to be allowed to go out of the country. You always need to show proof of everything you’re saying to the immigration officers. The way that you dress is also important so dress decently.
  5. Lastly, the number one reason of the immigration officers to allow someone to leave the country to visit other places is if you have a proof of returning back (for example, work or business in your home country and evidences to support your claim). For working residents, they need to present a leave clearance from their employers.

If you have a previous record of offload, the more that you need to follow these instructions to prevent wasting your money in rebooking for the tickets bought and for abandoning the itinerary especially if the activities planned in the place is bought and reserved online by using a credit card. These tips are proven since I’ve been offloaded twice. And my supposedly trip to Thailand and Kuala Lumpur last year just went into void and I felt hopeless so I never rebooked it but cried hardly instead. For more tips, you may email me at


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